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Auburn University Student Counseling Services aims to to secure 1-2 more interns for our counseling center internship program that will begin in July 2018. We are currently participating in the Post-Match Vacancy Service of the APPIC Match process.

If you have any students in your program OR know of any student looking for an internship position, please have her/him contact Brandy L. Smith ( to discuss the Auburn University Student Counseling Services as an internship option. If a student does not meet all the required minimum qualifications listed on our website to apply such as the number of hours, please still encourage them to reach out so that we discuss the possibility of internship working as an option.

Below are 2 links to information about our program. Our salary was $28,000, but just Friday we got confirmation that our request to raise it to $31,000 for this 1st year was approved! Full benefits are included as well. We have done what we can to make the position attractive to candidates.

Our website:

APA link to confirm Intent to Apply status: