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As the end of my tenure approaches, I wanted to provide you with a summary of how the journal has been doing over the past year. Here are some key highlights:

1. The number of electronic institutional subscriptions and downloads are the highest on record.

 —SP has a larger global outreach; a record percentage of all downloads were from international audiences (18%).

2. The number of submissions received in 2018 were the second highest on record (only 19 less than the record, 2017 year)

3. Nine of the top 25 downloaded articles in 2018 were from 2018 issues

4. We expected our 2-year impact factor to drop on 2017 given our rapid growth.  The 2-year impact factor for 2018 rebounded and we expect this to continually increase.

5. More important, the 5-year impact factor is the highest it’s been (3.4), which reflects the journal’s longer-term influence.

6. The total number of citations in 2018 is the highest on record

7. The immediacy impact (average number of times an article is cited in the year it was published) and influence score (how much influence each article has) are both well-above average and were the highest in 2018.

All of this is due to your continued support of the journal. I cannot thank you enough for your feedback, your submissions of high quality papers, and your willingness to reference papers published in SP in your own studies. For such a comparatively small discipline, school psychology is saturated with journal options.  You have choices. Thank you for placing SP at the top of them.

With this stated, Please continue to support SP by submitting papers. Given the expansion of issues released each year and the larger print size of the journal, our time between acceptance and publication is reduced drastically. We currently have calls for special issues on resiliency and risk, and we will be publishing a special issue in 2020, honoring the 75th anniversary of Division 16.  But we always need general research papers, brief reports, literature reviews. perspective papers, and international contributions. Let’s make 2019 even better than 2018!

All the best,


Rich Gilman, Ph.D., MBA
Editor, School Psychology