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The Hawai‘i Psychological Association (HPA) annual convention will be held in Honolulu on October 25 & 26 and the organization would like to invite Division 16 members to join in the Islands for the event. HPA has brought together the very best national and local experts, researchers, therapists and authors to present 17 different programs on the impact of the digital world on our children, our relationships, our society and our clinical practices. These and 19 other clinically related workshops, symposiums and panel discussions will take place at the convention. For a small state association, it is a remarkable program.

Division 16 members are welcome to register for the convention at the HPA member rate, a substantial savings. The organization also notes that now good time to take advantage of the discounted Hawai‘i airfare and hotel rates that are readily available on sites like TripAdvisor and Airfarewatchdog.

Click here (HPA Convention) for more information about this program and how to combine professional continuing education with a trip to paradise.