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We are pleased to announce that the Mid-Michigan Psychology Internship Consortium (MMPIC), an APPIC Member, will be accepting applications through the APPIC National Match. Applications are due December 1.

MMPIC offers intensive, structured training experiences with a school-aged population at the individual, family, school, and systems-level. Four internship sites are a part of the consortium:

  • Saginaw Public Schools (offering 2 positions): 244711
  • Sunfield Center (offering 1 position): 244713
  • Michigan Medicine – Division of Pediatric Psychology (offering 2 positions): 244714
  • Thriving Minds Behavioral Health Center (offering 1 position): 244715    

The internship program is one full year (12 months/2000 hours) in duration. The consortium accepts applicants from school and clinical psychology doctoral programs. MMPIC is committed to the value of diversity and the richness of human differences.  We strongly encourage candidates who differ based on gender, ethnicity, race, culture, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, and socio-economic class to apply.

Please share our information with your doctoral students. Interested candidates may visit our website ( or contact the consortium co-director, Dr. Jana Aupperlee (, for more information.