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Psi Chi’s Network for International Collaborative Exchange (NICE) conducts a guided, cross-cultural crowdsource research project both within the United States and internationally. This year, Dr. Clare Killikelly, Eva-Maria Stelzer and Da’Mere Wilson’s research project titled “MAGIC: Measurement and Assessment of Grief in an International Cross-Cultural Sample” has been selected. We are currently looking for collaborators for this project. Opportunities to collaborate can range from data collection to authorship.

Main research questions:

1) Does the new International Prolonged Grief Disorder Scale validly and reliably assess disordered grief reactions across international samples?

2) What are the prevalence rates for ICD-11 Prolonged Grief Disorder in different international samples? What are the prevalence rates for ICD-11 Prolonged Grief Disorder criteria in comparison to existing diagnostic criteria sets and algorithms?

3) Are symptom profiles of ICD-11 Prolonged Grief Disorder comparable across different international samples?

Find more information on their Open Science Framework page here or email Megan Irgens at to become a collaborator!