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On Friday, November 22, 2019 from 3:00 – 4:00, Division 16 will host a special webinar entitled “Use Your Resources: Supporting Children and Youth Who Are Refugees or Recently Immigrated.” Speakers will include Tracey Scherr, PHD, Professor, and Shereen Naser, PHD, Assistant Professor.

The webinar will be followed by an opportunity to ask the presenters questions, and it also carries an opportunity to earn 1 CE credit.

Event Description: With intense focus on immigration in recent years, school psychologists have questions about their responsibilities related to supporting children and their families who are refugees or recently immigrated. This webinar will help familiarize school psychologists and other mental health professionals with existing resources to guide their work with these student populations. Content of recently published resources will be explored and examples of corresponding practices and policies will be shared. For example, this webinar will cover facilitating school enrollment, responding to immigration enforcement activity in and around schools, and supporting postsecondary transitions for students without citizenship documentation, among other topics.

Learning Objectives

  • Webinar attendees will gain familiarity with content of tools recently developed to help practitioners work with students, who are recent immigrants, and their families.
  • Webinar attendees will understand the legal and ethical foundations for the development of related resources.
  • Webinar attendees will receive guidance regarding application of policy and practice recommendations.
  • Webinar attendees will develop an expanded repertoire of sample policies and procedures school psychologists may use as models in their systemic and individual work on behalf of students and families, who have been forcibly displaced or are recent immigrants.

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Webinar pricing is as follows:
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