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Linked here, please find a Statement on Education and Training Considerations during COVID-19 Pandemic from the Council of Chairs of Training Councils. During the Spring, 2020 CCTC meeting, members and liaisons discussed the many challenges facing educators, training sites and programs, and trainees as the COVID-19 pandemic leads to changes in training opportunities and responsibilities; the needs of trainees and their clients and students in healthcare, educational, and research settings; and the critical importance of health and safety during this time. The CCTC identified both key principles to guide decision-making for training and specific recommendations for training programs and sites, accreditors, and regulators. The document attached here summarizes those principles and recommendations, along with brief explanation and rationale for each. 

The CCTC’s intent is to provide input that we hope will help guide the many individuals and groups who are working quickly and diligently to adjust their training policies, procedures, and practices during rapidly-changing conditions. We truly appreciate all of our partners in HSP Education and Training and are confident that as we work together, we can make decisions that are responsiveness to the needs of our trainees and the public we serve. Training and service delivery certainly look different today than they did a few weeks ago. But while we are having to use our most flexible and creative problem-solving skills during this challenging time, we are also serving as role models for our trainees and creating new learning opportunities.

Please disseminate this statement to your programs, training sites, and institutions, as well as any other individuals you think appropriate. We hope you find the information helpful, and wish you the best during this unprecedented challenge.