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As many of us struggle to respond nimbly in this quickly evolving context, Bryn Harris and Amanda L. Sullivan, in consultation with the School Psych Leadership Roundtable, offer the following documents to support crowdsourcing of resources and recommendations/strategies for how to deal with emergence teaching, fieldwork, administrative, and service delivery issues.

  • School Psych Guest Speakers and Online Resources –You can enter and find potential guest speakers and a variety of resources to support online instruction. the online resources pertain both to making the transition to online only and targeted resources to replace in-person lecture and activities in specific courses.
  • COVID-19 Critical Issues for School Psychology Programs Q&A – This word document is formatted for crowdsourced Q&A from the Critical Issues sheet of the Google sheet CDSPP circulated last week. Right now, there are many more questions than answers, but we hope that if we band together, we can help each other in supporting our programs and communities in this difficult time.