The Society for the Study of School Psychology (SSSP) invites proposals for the funding of projects by Early Career Research Award (ECRA) applicants that are consistent with the SSSP’s purposes of advancing scholarship in and about school psychology and promoting the application of research to the practice of school psychology.

A wide array of projects consistent with SSSP purposes can be funded under this grant program. We anticipate that approximately $120,000 will be available to fund multiple projects for the 2022 award cycle. Funding is limited to $20,000 per proposal. Funded projects generally will be of one year’s duration; however, projects with longer timelines will be considered but will be dependent upon the annual availability of funds and satisfactory progress in the project toward accomplishing goals. Jointly funded projects involving cooperation with other organizations also will be considered (e.g., matched funding from the applicant’s university).

The key features on which proposed projects are evaluated include their consistency with SSSP purposes, scientific merit, cost effectiveness, potential impact on school psychology scholarship, and potential impact on improving school psychology practice.

Learn more—and find instructions for submitting proposals—in the full call, here.