To assist in efforts to address shortages in school psychology and best assure that qualified candidates have the opportunity to pursue school psychology graduate preparation, the NASP Graduate Education Committee working with NASP staff will again implement a 2nd Round Candidate Match process for school psychology programs.  This process will help connect potentially qualified graduate student candidates still looking to enroll in a school psychology program, yet perhaps not receiving offers of admission during the initial round of applications, with school psychology programs that have remaining slots for incoming students.

Programs that anticipate openings for the upcoming semester 

Programs that are willing to consider applicants after April and would like to be listed should complete the following google form: that will ask you to provide the following information.

  1. The institution
  2. Degree program(s) with an opening (specialist-level, doctoral-level)
  3. A contact name and email address
  4. The website address for the program
  5. Any other relevant details (e.g., accepting applications through XY/ZZ)

Informing candidates about the 2nd Round Match 

If you would like to let applicants who you do not accept (but who might be otherwise qualified) know of this option, consider including some language such as the following in your non-acceptance letters:

“I regret to inform you that you were not selected for admission to our school psychology program for Fall 2022.  I do hope that you are able to pursue your professional goals through other avenues.  The National Association of School Psychologists Graduate Education Committee has established a “2nd Round Candidate Match” process. Its purpose is to connect potentially qualified candidates looking to enroll in a school psychology program with programs that still have openings. Programs participating will likely be listed at

Of course, the language is entirely up to you, as is the choice to include the link in your notifications (although that will likely be the primary manner by which applicants learn about the 2nd Round Candidate Match process).

In an effort to make data-based decisions on the value and impact of this program, we ask that all participating programs inquire with applicants how they heard about your program (e.g., your website, colleague, 2nd round match, etc.). We will follow up with each participating program in the Fall to ask for that information, which will help in future planning. If you participate in the program, please respond to the follow-up request.

Thanks to those who continue to provide input on this option, and to the NASP staff (especially Eric Rossen) who helped make this a reality.

All the best.

Kasee Stratton-Gadke and Dan Gadke
Graduate Education Committee Co-Chairs