Division 16 Early Career Professional Workgroup

Who We Are

Early Career Professionals (ECPs), individuals within ten years of the receipt of their degree, are a unique group with particular needs within the field of psychology. In line with Division’s 16 continued interests in meeting the needs of their members, the Early Career Workgroup was established to better address the needs of ECPs in the field of School Psychology. Since it’s inception, members of Division 16’s ECP Workgroup have worked to increase ECP-focused programming and engage ECPs within School Psychology, including practitioners and academicians, within the Division. In 2014, the Workgroup was recognized as the Runner-up for Early Career engagement across APA’s divisions.

What We Do

We aim to provide a forum that specifically targets the concerns and issues that relate to ECPs in School Psychology by:

  • Providing convention programming and other resources geared toward the needs of ECPs.
  • Representing ECPs’ point of view to the Division 16 Executive committee.
  • Encourage involvement across APA.
  • Increase access to resources for ECPs.
  • Increase visibility of ECPs within the Division and highlight unique needs of this subgroup.
  • Promoting leadership development within the Division and within APA.

For more information on the Division 16 Early Career Professional Workgroup, please email D16ECP@gmail.com.


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