Lightner Witmer Award

Nomination Deadline: April 1st – Chair: David Klingbeil, 


Each year the Division of School Psychology presents the Lightner Witmer Award to young professional and academic school psychologists who have demonstrated scholarship that merits special recognition. Continuing scholarship, rather than a thesis or dissertation alone, is the primary consideration in making the award and a person does not need a doctoral degree to be eligible.


Nominees must be (a) within seven years of receiving their education specialist or doctoral degree as of Sept. 1 of the year the award is given and (b) be a fellow, member, associate or student affiliate of Division 16.

How to Apply

Materials should be forwarded on each nominee including a vita, supporting letter(s), reprints, and other evidence of scholarship. All nominations and related materials must be submitted electronically by April 1 to the committee chair.

Past Recipients


2023: Sujay Sabnis & Tyler Smith
Honorable Mention: Katie Maki 

Marisa Marraccini & Chunyan Yang
Stacy-Ann January & Ethan Van Norman
2020: Lindsay Fallon & David Klingbeil
2019: Melissa Collier-Meek & Evan Dart
2018: Nathaniel P. von der Embse
Honorable Mention: Katie Eklund
Keith C. Radley, Tyler Renshaw
Andrew Garbacz, Stephen P. Kilgus
2015: Nathan Clemens
2014: Amy M. Briesch
Honorable Mention: Matthew Reynolds
2013: Amanda Sullivan
2012:  Lisa Sanetti
2011:  Wendy Reinke
2010:  Robin Codding, Andrew Roach
2009:  Shannon Suldo
2008:  Theodore Christ
2007:  Scott Ardoin, Jessica Hoffman
2006:  Amanda VanDerHeyden
2005:  Jim DiPerna
2004:  Richard Gilman
2003:  Melissa Bray, Shane Jimerson
2002:  Tanya Eckert
2000:  George H. Noell
1999:  John Hintze, Cynthia Riccio
1998:  Steuart Watson

1997: Dawn Flanagan
No award presented
Christopher Skinner
Gregg Macmann
Susan Sheridan
Sandra Christenson
William Erchul
  Brian Martens, Kevin Stark
1989:  Janet Graden, Howard Knoff
1988:  Marybeth Gettinger, Timothy Keith
1987:  Jack Kramer, Edward Shapiro
1986:  Joe Witt
1985:  Cathy F. Telzrow
1984:  Stephen Elliott
1983:  George W. Hynd
1982:  Frank M. Gresham
1981:  Terry B. Gutkin, Frederic J. Medway
1980:  Cecil R. Reynolds
1979:  Raymond S. Dean
1978:  Emmanual J. Mason
1977:  Thomas R. Kratochwill
1976:  Judith L. Alpert
1975:  no award presented
1974:  Ellen C. Bien
1973:  James E. Ysseldyke