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The Conversation Series Videos & Study Guides

The Publications Committee of Div. 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association is pleased to produce The Conversation Series – a series of videotaped discussions on topics of professional importance by leaders in the field. All tapes are accompanied by Study Guides that include a brief biography of the interviewees, short annotations of several of their publications, and questions that may be used to assess the viewer’s understanding of the topics discusssed. The study guides can be used to focus self-study, as discussion starters for training seminars, or to meet continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for the Nationally Certified School Psychology (NCSP) credential.

The Conversation Series videotapes provide school psychologists, professors, school administrators, graduate students and others with timely information on topics of professional interest. These videotapes are designed to be useful in college or university training programs, school system staff development activities, peer study groups, and conferences.

Video Series Available for Purchase

The Conversation Series of the Division 16: School Psychology of the American Psychological Association proudly announces the production of two new video series: Response to Intervention and Positive Psychology in the Schools. The Response to Intervention series features four interviews conducted with distinguished researchers and trainers including Drs. Sylvia Rosenfield, Daniel Reschly, James Ysseldyke and Frank Gresham. The interviews were conducted by Drs. Steven Little and Rick Short. The Positive Psychology in the Schools series features three interviews conducted with leading researchers and trainers in this field:  Drs. Scott Huebner, Richard Gilman and Michael Furlong. The interviews were conducted by Drs. Shane Jimerson and Joel Meyers. Each interview is approximately 50 minutes in length.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Series
  • Item # 2008-1 Dr. Frank Gresham
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-2 Dr. Daniel Reschly
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-3 Dr. Sylvia Rosenfield
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-4 Dr. James Ysseldyke
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-5 Entire RTI Series
    $110 (plus $14.00 shipping and handling)
Positive Psychology Series
  • Item # 2008-6 Dr. Michael Furlong
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-7 Dr. Richard Gilman
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-8 Dr. Scott Huebner
    $30 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling)
  • Item # 2008-9 Entire Series
    $80 (plus $10.50 shipping and handling)
2002 Series
School Psychology Past, Present and Future: An Interview with Thomas Fagan (History)

Thomas Fagan, University of Memphis
David McIntosh Ball State, University (Interviewer)

Item #2002-1 (Running Time 44:00)
Cost: $30

This videotape, featuring Dr. Thomas Fagan, leading historian of school psychology, focuses on discussion of different trends in the history of school psychology over the past century and how these trends are changing in the practice setting, roles and functions, and other areas of the specialty.

School Psychology Past, Present and Future: An Interview with Thomas Fagan (Future)

Thomas Fagan, University of Memphis
David McIntosh, Ball State University (Interviewer)

Item #2002-2 (Running Time 42:00)
Cost: $30

Focusing on discussion of present and future challenges in the specialty of school psychology, Dr. Fagan also provides a brief description of regulations related to practice, pros and cons of expanded training for school psychologists, and different internships at the specialist and doctoral levels.

Functional Assessment

Joseph Witt & George Noell, Louisiana State University
William Strein, University of Maryland (Interviewer)

Item # 2002-3 (Running Time 57:21)
Cost: $30

Drs. Witt and Noell, both well-recognized experts in behavioral assessment and intervention in school psychology, discuss functional assessment (FBA). Participants discuss the conceptual and philosophical roots of FBA and other behavioral techniques, as well as issues pertaining to the use of FBA in school situations.

Ethics in School Psychology

Donald Bersoff, Villanova University
Melissa Bray, University of Connecticut (Interviewer)

Item # 2002-4 (Running Time: 40:00)
Cost: $30

Donald N. Bersoff, a lawyer (JD from Yale Law School) and psychologist (PhD from NYU), is interviewed on the topic of ethics in school psychology. He summarizes the revised APA ethical code and its implications for the field of school psychology. He also discusses third party requests for reports and raw data, who the school psychologist’s client is in clinical and school settings, reliable and valid assessment practices as they relate to schools, the extent of content that can be covered in school counseling, issues relative to private practice for school psychologists who are licensed versus not licensed, and conflict of interest with respect to psychologists working in the schools who wish also to treat their students outside the school setting.

Mental Health Consultation – Digitally Remastered 1990 Interview with Gerald Caplan

Gerald Caplan, Jerusalem Institute for the Study of Psychological Stress
William Erchul, North Carolina State University (Interviewer)

Item # 2002-5 (Running Time: 36:47)
Cost: $30

In this interview, taped originally on August 13, 1990, child and family psychiatrist Gerald Caplan is interviewed by William Erchul. This digitally remastered video features a discussion of Caplan’s ground-breaking ideas regarding mental health consultation, prevention, and community mental health.

Entire 2002 Conversation Series (All 5 videotapes)

Item # 2002-6
Cost: $125 ( includes shipping costs)

1998 Series
Psychological & Educational Consultation: Concepts & Processes (Part I)

Jane Close Conoley, Texas A & M University
Susan Sheridan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Joel Meyers, Georgia State University
Sylvia Rosenfield, University of Maryland
Alex Thomas Miami (Ohio) University (Interviewer)

Item # 1998-4
Cost: $40

Psychological & Educational Consultation: Concepts & Processes (Part II)

William P. Erchul, North Carolina State University
Terry Gutkin, San Francisco State University
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (Interviewer)

Item # 1998-5
Cost: $40

Psychological & Educational Consultation: A Case Study

Includes a case study depiction of conjoint behavioral consultation and illustrates the stages of problem identification, problem analysis, and treatment evaluation.

Item # 1998-6
Cost: $20

Psychological & Educational Consultation: Companion Series

Includes all three of the above videotapes.

Item # 1998-7
Cost: $90

Traumatic Brain Injury Companion Series

Includes both of the following:

Traumatic Brain Injury: Interviews with Experts

Erin D. Bigler, Brigham Young University
Elaine Clark, University of Utah
Cathy Telzrow, Kent State University
Jane Close Conoley, Texas A & M University
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (interviewer)

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Study

Documents the recovery of an adolescent TBI survivor and focuses on the roles, responsibilities, and resources of family, educational, and community systems.

Item # 1998-3
Cost: $60

1996 Series
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

George DuPaul, Lehigh University
Peg Dawson, Center for Learning and Attention Disorders
Keith Conners, Duke University
Jim Swanson, University of California-Irvine
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (interviewer)

Item # 1996-1
Cost: $30

History of School Psychology

Tom Fagan, University of Memphis
Beeman Phillips, University of Texas, Austin
Rosa Hagin, Fordham University
Nadine Lambert, University of California-Berkeley
Joe French, Pennsylvania State University
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (Interviewer)

Item # 1996-2
Cost: $30

1995 Series
School Violence

Arnold Goldstein, Syracuse University
George M. Batsche, University of South Florida
Michael Furlong, University of California-Santa Barbara
Jan Hughes, Texas A&M University
Jane Close Conoley, Texas A&M University
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (Interviewer)

Item # 1995-1
Cost: $30

Earlier Videotapes
IQ Testing: The Past or the Future? The Sattler-Reschly Debate

Jerome Sattler, San Diego State University
Dan Reschly, Vanderbilt University
Jonathan Sandoval, University of California-Davis (Discussant)
Carol Robinson-Sanartu, San Diego State University (Moderator)

Item # 1994-1
Cost: $30

Social-Emotional Assessment

Roy Martin, University of Georgia
Howard Knoff, University of South Florida
Cecil Reynolds, Texas A&M University
Jack Naglieri, George Mason University
Jan Hughes, Texas A&M University
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (Interviewer)

Item # 1993-2
Cost: $20

Innovative Service Delivery

Edward Shapiro, Lehigh University
Thomas Kratochwill, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stephen Elliott, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio) University (Interviewer)

Item # 1993-3
Cost: $20

Assessment Issues

Richard W. Woodcock, Measurement/Learning/Consultants
Theory of Intelligence & General Assessment Issues

Jeffery Braden, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Nontraditional Forms of Cognitive Assessment

Mark Shinn, University of Oregon
Curriculum-Based Measurement & Assessment

Patti Harrison, University of Alabama
Adaptive Behavior & Preschool Assessment

Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio), University (Interviewer)

Item # 1992-1
Cost: $20

Assessment and Professional Issues

Frank Gresham, University of California-Riverside
Strategies for Social Skills Assessment & Programming

Bruce Bracken, College of William and Mary
Assessment of Intelligence, Social-Emotional & Preschool Areas

Tom Fagan, University of Memphis
Historical Trends & Current Professional Issues in School Psychology

Dan Reschly, Vanderbilt University
Legal Implications of Practice, Assessment Strategies, & Future Issues

Alex Thomas, Miami (Ohio), University (Interviewer)

Item # 1992-2
Cost: $20

Entire Conversation Series

All videotapes listed on this web page.

Item 2002-7
Cost: $500 (Savings of $195!); $15 Shipping and Handling

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