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The Foundation for Child Development has released a new, free resource entitled, “Getting it Right: Using Implementation Research to Improve Outcomes in Early Care and Education.

This publication provides insights for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners about the value of including implementation research in the study of early care and education (ECE) interventions and its potential to improve programs and policies and achieve stronger child outcomes. As more programs are brought to scale, our ability to achieve greater impacts for all young children rests on a more nuanced understanding of how ECE programs and policies are being implemented locally and the differential impacts on specific subgroups of children.

You, your colleagues, and your extended networks may use this resource on implementation research to engage in meaningful exploration of what works, for whom, and under what conditions in ECE programs and policies. The following components are included in the 2020 release:

  1. An open source book bringing together the perspectives of prominent ECE researchers
  2. Chapter summaries highlighting key takeaways
  3. A three-part Getting it Right Webinar Summer Series

This comprehensive body of work attempts to answer three key questions for the field: What does research tell us about the effectiveness and implementation of ECE programs across the birth to 8 continuum? What still needs to be understood? How do we get smarter in designing future research directions and approaches? It also provides insights on how issues of equity in ECE, related to race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, and cultural and linguistic diversity, can be better addressed in research and in practice.

You may download the full publication and the publication summary on the Foundation’s website.