Workshop on Quasi-Experimental Designs

The Institute for Education Sciences announces a new two-week training workshop on better quasi-experimental designs. This two-week workshop will expose attendees to state-of-the-art quasi-experimental methods for evaluating education interventions. It will also offer...

Luria Neuroscience Institute Lecture Series

The Luria Neuroscience Institute announces two 4-day lecture series:  “Brain and Cognition” and “Major Neurocognitive Disorders”. The number of participants will be kept small to enable active audience participation. The meetings are day-long (9am-6pm with a lunch...

Geisinger Behavioral Health Primary Care 4th Annual Conference

Description: A full day conference on topics central to primary care behavioral health stakeholders. Content is appropriate for behavioral health providers, primary care providers, administrators, insurers and anyone who is interested in integrated primary care....

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