As many students are preparing to apply this fall of 2022 for internships for the 2023-2024 academic year, we are enthusiastic to share this announcement to remind you of the doctoral school psychology internship opportunity in California, the Santa Barbara Psychology Internship Consortium (SB-PIC) (APPIC #2455). We are delighted to have 4 sites / slots for 2020-2021, and interns can apply to any or all of the sites. The due date for submissions is December 1, early submissions are encouraged. All interviews for the SB-PIC internship will be completed remotely via ZOOM on January 9th.

The SB-PIC mission is to train doctoral school psychology interns dedicated to serving children and their families.  Each of the schools and professionals participating in the SB-PIC are committed to preparing well-rounded school psychologists to facilitate the social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development and academic success of a diverse population of students. Join us to serve culturally & linguistically diverse children & families!

All the important details about the opportunities in the SB-PIC are available on the website:

A few highlights:

  • There are 5 internship slots located in schools for 2023-2024 (see website for specific locations in Santa Barbara County)
  • Each intern receives a stipend of $30,000 (for 10.5 months / 1500+ hours, can arrange for more if needed)
  • The consortium includes faculty and staff of Santa Barbara County Special Education Local Plan Area (SB-SELPA) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
  • Each of the sites are located in Santa Barbara county, which is located on the central coast of California with a mild climate, ocean, mountain, forest, and agricultural access throughout the county:
  • The internship infrastructure builds upon a decade of collaborations between SB-SELPA, UCSB, and schools throughout Santa Barbara County.
  • Didactic training highlights contemporary research addressing: multi-tiered systems of support; assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse students, screening and supporting student mental health; early childhood screening, assessment, and intervention; assessing and supporting students with Autism; consultation to support teachers and students; behavioral assessment and intervention; crisis preparedness and response; and reading interventions.
  • All candidates who share a commitment to promoting the social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development and academic success of a diverse population of students are encouraged to apply. Furthermore, those candidates who are fluent in Spanish, English and other languages are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Check out our awesome SB-PIC current and recent interns on the SB-PIC website.
  • The SB-PIC has been developed to provide doctoral training consistent with the CDSPP, APA, NASP, and CA CTC guidelines for internships in school psychology. The program is an APPIC member (#2455), we are working on it, self-study prepared, but not yet APA accredited at this time.
  • The SB-PIC Lead Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Deborah Umansky is a recent recipient of the Model School Psychology Intern Supervisor Award from the National Association of School Psychologists!

To apply for an internship, complete an online AAPI application (available at

The SB-PIC program participates in the national match (

Santa Barbara Psychology Internship Consortium is included in the APPIC Directory on Line (DoL)
APPIC SB-PIC Program Member Code #2455
Applicants can apply to any or all of the SB-PIC tracks.
The names and codes of each track are as following;
SB-PIC Orcutt Union School District (245511)
SB-PIC Lompoc Unified School District (245512)
SB-PIC Santa Maria Bonita School District (245513)
SB-PIC Carpinteria Unified School District (245514)
SB-PIC Santa Maria Joint Union School District (245515)

The SB-PIC website ( provides extensive information about the SB-PIC.

FAQs: Got sun? Got sand? Got surf? Got yoga? Got sunsets over the ocean? Got mountains? Got national forests? Got beaches for long walks? Got trails for hikes? Got wine tasting? Got a year-round mild climate? Got high-quality supervision? Got an emphasis on advancing evidence-based practice? Got diverse children and families? Got linguistically diverse learners? Got monthly “fun” progress monitoring? Got internship opportunities for school psychology doctoral students? SB-PIC = YES WE GOT IT!

If you have additional questions, please email Dr. Jimerson at