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The Institute of Education released two What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) reports today (Jan. 10) that summarize research on specific interventions/methods to serve children and youth with disabilities.

Functional behavioral assessment (FBA) is an individualized problem-solving process for addressing student problem behavior. An assessment is conducted to identify and implement individualized interventions aimed at reducing problem behaviors and increasing positive behaviors.

The WWC recently reviewed the research on FBA-based interventions to determine the impacts on children identified with or at risk for an emotional disturbance. Based on the research, FBA-based interventions were found to have potentially positive effects on school engagement and problem behavior. Read the full report and learn more about the studies that contributed to this rating.

Pivotal response training (PRT) is an intervention designed for children with autism spectrum disorders that focuses on core areas affected by autism, such as communication and responding to environmental stimuli. Implemented collaboratively by parents, teachers, and peers, the practice involves modeling appropriate behavior or using stimuli to encourage a child’s response and then rewarding the child for implementing or attempting to implement the desired behavior.

The WWC recently reviewed the research on the effects of PRT and found no discernible effects on communication/language competencies for children and students with an autism spectrum disorder. Read the full report and learn more about the studies that contributed to this rating.!

To see other WWC reports on interventions and methods for Children and Youth with Disabilities, visit today and check your inbox for more updates and new releases throughout the year. For the latest news, follow the WWC on Twitter and Facebook.