Senior Scientist Award

Nomination Deadline: April 1st – Chair: Steven



Each year, APA’s Division of School Psychology (Division 16) presents the Senior Scientist in School Psychology Award to a scholar who has demonstrated a program of research that merits special recognition. A sustained program of scholarship of exceptional quality throughout one’s career is the primary consideration in making the award. The award recipient’s program of work should reflect systematic and imaginative use of psychological theory and research in furthering the development of professional practice and/or consistent empirical inquiry that bears on the quality of school psychology training and practice. The program of scholarly work should be of exceptional quality in its contribution to the scientific knowledge base of school psychology training/practice. Self-nominations are welcome.



Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be past 20 years of receiving the doctoral degree as of September 1, 2024. 
  2. A Division 16 member.

How to Apply


Please submit

1) A copy of the nominee’s CV (required);                           

2) A 1-2 page personal statement from the nominee describing their scholarly activity and its impact on the field (optional but encouraged);

3) Up to three examples of representative scholarship (e.g., peer-reviewed articles);

4) Up to three letters of support from community partners and/or colleagues that describe the impact of the nominee’s scholarship.

by 11:59PM EST on April 1, 2024 via this form.

Past Recipients


2024: Linda Reddy
Wendy Reinke
Shane Jimerson
Steven Evans
Matthew Burns
Bonnie Nastasi
Keith C. Herman
Thomas Power
Susan M. Sheridan
: Robert C. Pianta
2013: Randy Kamphaus and William Reynolds
2012:  Christopher Skinner
2011:  Ken Merrell
2010:  No award given
2009:  Stephen N. Elliott
2008:  Bruce Bracken, George DuPaul

2007:  Sandra L. Christenson, Jan N. Hughes
2006:  Ed Shapiro
2005:  Nadine Lambert
2004:  Timothy Keith
2003:  Frank Gresham
2002:  George Hynd
2001:  Jack Naglieri
2000:  Thomas Oakland
1999:  Terry Gutkin, Cecil Reynolds
1998:  Jerome Sattler
1997:  Alan Kaufman
1996:  Arnold Goldstein
1995:  Tom Kratochwill
1994:  Barry J. Zimmerman
1993:  Richard Woodcock