APA Division 16 Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs


Welcome to the National Directory of Graduate Faculty Addressing Cultural and Diversity Issues in School Psychology.  The purpose of this directory is to provide prospective school psychology students who have an interest in studying or providing services to culturally and linguistically diverse populations with a list of school psychology faculty who share those interests.  We hope that this directory will serve as a useful tool in helping you locate  a school psychology program that meets your needs and a faculty mentor who shares your interests in topics of diversity and culture.  The directory is updated annually.

​How to use the directory:

  • Use the “Control + F” option on your device to search topics, names, or institution.
  • The school psychology faculty included in this directory are from APA-accredited or NASP-approved programs and are accepting students.  Once you have a faculty member’s contact information feel free to contact that faculty member directly or visit their institutional program webpage to learn more about that faculty member’s research, teaching, and clinical interests.
​​The creation of this directory was funded by a Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention and Training in Psychology Task Force grant CEMRRAT2 grant awarded to Jamilia Blake, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator), Sara Castro Olivo, Ph.D., & Antoinette Miranda, Ph.D. The directory is updated annually in June of each calendar year. All faculty listed have expressed their willingness to be included in the directory.  Faculty who no longer wish to be included in the directory should email the D16 CEMA chair directly and their information will be removed during the next upgrade cycle. Individuals interested in posting this directory on their personal or professional webpages should request permission from the D16 CEMA chair before doing so. We appreciate your support!