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Foundations of Early Childhood Mental Health and Why it Matters for All School Psychologists

Friday Oct. 29, 2021 from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern

Presenter: Dr. Rachel Stein, LP, NCSP


Within the field of school psychology there has been increasing recognition of the importance of early childhood mental health. Yet, oftentimes the specialized features of mental health in early childhood are not covered in school psychology training. This presentation will cover principles of early childhood mental health, the long term implications of early experiences on mental health, and related service provision. It is essential that school psychologists who work in early childhood recognize key influences on early childhood mental health. For those school psychologists who work with older children it is important to understand how early experiences matter to later mental health presentation and functioning. 

Learning Objectives 

  1. Recognize principles of early childhood mental health and related service provision. 
  2. Understand the implications of early childhood experiences and the associated long term impact on mental health. 
  3. Discuss the importance of early childhood mental health to the practice of school psychology across age groups and practice settings. 

CE Credits Available: 1.0
Pricing with CE: $20 for Members / $30 for Non-Members / $5 for Students
Pricing with no CE: $10 for Members / $20 for Non-Members

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