Jean Baker Mid-Career Service/Practice Award

Annual Deadline: April 1st – Chair: Sam Song,


Each year the Division of School Psychology presents a Mid-Career Service or Practice Award. The award is presented at the APA Convention to school psychologists from seven to twenty years post-graduation who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to the field of school psychology through programs of service or innovations in practice.


The recipient of the award should meet two criteria:

  • Criterion I
    Nominees must be (a) more than seven and up to 20 years after receiving their doctoral degree as of Sept. 1 of the year the award is given, and (b) be a fellow or member of Division 16.
  • Criterion II
    Significant contributions to the field of school psychology, including holding offices and committee memberships in state and national professional organizations such as Division 16 and products from those contributions that further the profession of school psychology. Examples include creation of and revisions to policy and practice manuals based on innovative guidance; guiding policy or legislative initiatives; mentoring of new professionals into organizational contributions; administering dissemination of professional materials through publication editing or convention programming; and representing psychology to the public and government through service on boards and commissions.


Significant contributions to the field of school psychology in the domain of practice. Examples include creation and dissemination of assessments, interventions, or practice models; encouraging best practices through advocacy, policy, and legislative work; mentoring of students and new professionals through internship and post-doctoral supervision; and development of innovative preservice or inservice training or supervision programs.

How to Apply

Materials should be forwarded on each nominee, including a vita, supporting letters (minimum of three) and other appropriate supporting documentation. Materials must be submitted electronically to the committee chair.

Past Recipients


2019: Samuel Song & Lea Theodore
 Tammy Hughes