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Consultation to Increase Access to Services and Improve Conditions for LGBTQ Youth

The Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation invites submissions of manuscripts for a special issue on consultation to increase access to services and improve conditions for LGBTQ youth, edited by Drs. Emily Fisher and Karie Huchting at Loyola Marymount University. Although research has documented the significantly high levels of bullying, harassment, oppression, and discrimination experienced by LGBTQ youth, as well as how these experiences can lead to deleterious outcomes, there is a lack of empirical research on consultation strategies to create individual and systemic change.

This special issue provides a venue for scholars to disseminate research studies that address consultation related to LGBTQ youth across a variety of settings. We are interested primarily in submissions that are empirical, although theoretical or conceptual papers will be considered if they contribute significantly to the literature base.

Manuscripts might address, but are not limited to, consultation related to:

  • School, health care, community mental health, juvenile justice, foster care, shelter, higher education, or crisis contexts, as well as any other organizations serving LGBTQ youth
  • Professional development to impact knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and/or behaviors
  • Diversity training efforts with LGBTQ youth, allies, and/or peers
  • Case studies of individual or systemic consultation
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to change
  • Evidence-based strategies to work with families of LGBTQ youth
  • Helping a school/organization adapt for a transgender youth
  • Implementing new policies/legal mandates
  • Building advocacy skills

Abstracts can be submitted to receive feedback about the potential fit with the special issue. Please send to Dr. Emily Fisher (

Full manuscripts should be submitted though: no later than September 15, 2017. All manuscripts will be blind peer-reviewed. Authors will be notified by December 31, 2017 of the status of manuscripts. Please contact Dr. Fisher with any inquiries.