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The Committee on Children, Youth and Families (CYF) is looking for 1-2 psychologists to join a workgroup that is updating a 2008 report by Birman and Chan ( on psychosocial screening and assessment of immigrant and refugee youth within school-based settings.

This updated report will a) summarize scholarship from the last 10 years on immigrant and refugee youths’ psychosocial wellbeing, and b) analyze instruments within the last 10 years that assess immigrant and refugee youth psychosocial wellbeing and can be used in school settings (e.g., summarizing data on languages available, time to administer, sampling, reliability, validity, attempts to establish cross-cultural equivalence, and limitations). The products will include a manuscript submitted for publication and a report to be disseminated to researchers and practitioners in school settings. Current workgroup members are Kalina Brabeck (CYF Member), Wing Yi Chan, and Dina Birman. We are particularly interested in individuals with expertise in psychometrics and cross-cultural adaptation of measures.

Please send CV and a brief email of interest to Kalina Brabeck ( by November 30, 2017.