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Call for Task Force Members: The Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) Task Force to Develop Education and Training Guidelines for Psychological Assessment in Health Service Psychology (HSP) Training

Task Force Charge: The task force is charged with developing guidance, in the form of education and training guidelines, specific to psychological assessment in health service psychology training. This will include consideration of what are the critical essential components in this competency domain, how are they best taught, and how are they best evaluated.

The task force will conduct its work via conference call and electronic mail.

Rationale: Psychological assessment is a core competency for health service psychologists. For example, both the Health Service Psychology Education Collaborative’ s competency model and the Developmental Achievement Levels articulated by the National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology, list assessment among the core competency domains in their models. While survey data report mixed findings with respect to the amount of time devoted to training in assessment at the doctoral level there have been historic concerns that training in assessment could be enhanced.

Proposed membership: BEA will appoint 6 members (including a Chair) to the Task Force from those that apply. The Task Force should be comprised of people with experience and interest in education and training and/or supervision in psychological assessment including scholarship on assessment competencies, recommended practices in conducting integrative psychological assessment, and psychological report writing. One member shall be a graduate student or early career psychologist. Diversity of membership, broadly defined, will be a primary consideration in selection of members.

Those interested in serving on the task force should submit:

• A CV or resume documenting experience and knowledge related to the charge of this task force
• A one-page letter specifically articulating how qualifications relate to the charge of this task

Nominations should be sent by March 29, 2018 to:
Kristyn Dempsey, Assistant Director, Professional Psychology Programs: For more information, email or call 202-336-5783