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The Rutgers School Psychology Internship Consortium (2380) provides doctoral school psychology internship positions in schools and related settings in New Jersey and Connecticut that serve the mental health, educational, and health needs of children and adolescents. The Rutgers Consortium provides training experiences within the context of a practitioner-scholar model, in which professional practice is based on knowledge of current theory and research findings, and in which assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of progress of clients guide practice decisions. The Rutgers Consortium will provide broad training in the delivery of school psychological services, with an emphasis on serving the mental health needs of youth through research- supported practices and an understanding of systems functioning.

We currently have four positions open through Phase II of the APPIC match, in part due to additional funding received recently. The stipend for these positions is $25,000. The open positions are located at Shepard Schools (NJ), Rutgers Newark Counseling Center (NJ), and The Center for Children with Special Needs (CT). We welcome additional applications through March 10th via the APPIC portal.

Please see the APPIC directory and our website for additional information about this internship opportunity: