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APA Journals is seeking to enhance efforts to better engage Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) in the publishing process.

At APA Convention this year, we’d like to speak with a few ECPs about their experiences with publishing, including the challenges they face and the ways in which journals could be more inclusive of ECPs. The interviews would entail an informal discussion, no longer than 15 minutes each. We encourage ECPS who would like to participate, but are not attending Convention, to still offer their feedback via e-mail.

If you are an ECP interested in speaking with us at Convention, or have feedback to offer via e-mail, please contact us at and Depending on the level of interest, we might not be able to arrange interviews for all interested ECPs at Convention, but are happy to communicate via e-mail or by phone if unable to set up an in-person meeting.

Some questions for your consideration:

  • What might encourage an ECP to publish?
  • What might deter an ECP from publishing?
  • How could we better educate or include ECPs in publishing (e.g., authorship, serving on Editorial Boards or as Editors, reviewing)?
  • Would opportunities such as mentorship, author and reviewer resources geared towards ECPs, and workshops at conferences be helpful to you or other ECPs you work with? Are there reasons these may not be helpful?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Mare Meadows (Managing Director, Journals, APA)
Barbara Ungiert (Author Marketing Manager, APA)