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2018 APA President Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel and APA are seeking nominations for professionals to be recognized as a “Citizen Psychologist” through July 2018. The Early Career Professional workgroup would like to nominate an early career school psychologist for this important recognition. If you or a fellow early career colleague meet the below criteria, please submit the following information by June 15, 2018 to the Past Chair of the ECP workgroup, Jacqueline Brown at

Additional information on this nomination can also be found at the following link:


  • Must be an APA member, or you will be asked to join as an APA member prior to being reviewed
  • Must have a doctorate (EdD, PhD, or PsyD) in psychology
  • Have served as a leader in your community
  • Contribute to improving multiple lives through activities that are not necessarily related to your career, such as: public service, volunteerism, board membership or other strategic roles
  • Relate psychological science and expertise to existing challenges to improve communities at local, national, and/or global levels

Information to Submit:

  • Affiliation (primary organization for which your service is being recognized)
  • Description of your contributions to the public (maximum of 5,000 characters)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • You may submit up to three additional files with further details about your work (e.g., publications, newspaper articles, etc.)
  • Minimum of two references from individuals familiar with your work (does not need to be a psychologist)

If we nominate you, we will also need to obtain additional demographic and educational information, as per the above link. We will obtain this information only from the ECP who we nominate.