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Position Summary: The Project Evaluator for the Florida Problem Solving/Response to Intervention (PS/RTI) Project in the Institute for School Reform at the University of South Florida. The Florida PS/RTI Project provides training, technical assistance, and support to school districts throughout Florida designed to improve access to and the quality of instruction and intervention for ALL students within a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). Examples of topics focused on include the foundations of MTSS, data-based problem-solving, evidence-based and specially designed instruction, the use of Response to Intervention methods for special education eligibility, Early Warning Systems, Universal Design for Learning and technology to support implementation, program evaluation support, and professional development and coaching. The project provides statewide, regional, and direct professional development and evaluation supports to schools and districts to build their capacity to implement and sustain their MTSS. We aim to provide supports that facilitate a universal education system that results in successful academic, behavioral, and social-emotional outcomes for all students.


  • Project Evaluator roles and responsibilities will involve coordinating and facilitating evaluation activities designed to support school, district, state, and Project initiatives to facilitate MTSS implementation. Activities will involve facilitating program evaluation of the Florida PS/RTI Project professional development and support including: 1) conceptualizing and carrying out the Project’s evaluation model, 2) managing data collection, analysis, and reporting efforts, 3) collaborating with project staff to use formative evaluation to improve service delivery and 4) supervising project graduate assistants.
  • Responsible for supporting school, district, and state stakeholders to increase their capacity to implement and sustain the use data to inform their MTSS. Responsibilities will include: 1) developing training modules that will support districts on their use of student outcome (academic, behavior, social-emotional), student growth, and MTSS fidelity (e.g., assessment, instruction, intervention, system) data to improve instruction and intervention and 2) providing training and technical assistance to school district leadership teams on a variety of evaluation related topics (e.g., making decisions using growth data; collecting and utilizing data on implementation and capacity to support implementation).
  • The Project Evaluator will have the opportunity to participate in a number of research and evaluation projects related to MTSS implementation (e.g., development and validation of tools and surveys, analysis of professional development impact).
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Some travel required

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