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Nominations are sought for two JD/PhD positions and one PhD or PsyD position on the 2018 APA Committee on Legal Issues (COLI). The term of service for all positions is January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2021.

The Committee on Legal Issues aims to maintain a balanced committee that reflects diversity in all possible dimensions. Committee members must be Members of the Association. Candidates who meet one or more of the suggested qualifications noted for the slates below are encouraged to apply.

Goals/Qualifications for Nominees

The desired qualities for all nominees include the following:

  • Must be a member of APA when nominated
  • Knowledge and practical experience in legal concepts and principles
  • JD/PhD nominees should have significant experience as practicing attorneys
  • Ability to Represent Broad Interest within APA
  • Ability to represent psychology, and specifically, APA as a science and a profession
  • Ability to speak for and promote all areas of psychology and not merely their own specialty Commitment
  • Nominees must make a commitment to attend the scheduled COLI meetings
  • Nominees must also be able to participate in conference calls of approximately 1-1 1⁄2 hours duration once or twice a month and spend 2-3 hours reviewing background materials prior to the conference calls.


COLI is an ad hoc Committee which reports through the APA Board of Directors. COLI makes recommendations, prepares and issues reports, and takes other action to educate APA and psychologists about psycho-legal issues, to promote the field of psychology as it interfaces with the law, and to implement APA’s policies. In fulfilling its responsibilities, COLI does not serve as legal counsel to or form an attorney-client relationship with the APA or the Board. COLI has a primary responsibility for serving as a “think tank” for the Board of Directors on psycho-legal issues.

At the request of the Board, The Council of Representatives, APA legal counsel, an APA directorate, an APA division, or another APA board or committee, COLI may review internal documents such as proposed guidelines, publications, and policy statements. In this regard, COLI is expressly not acting as an attorney. COLI may identify possible legal issues for possible referral to the General Counsel and may also provide its thoughts on the broader psycho-legal implications.

COLI shall make recommendations about APA’s amicus involvements, according to procedures adopted by the Board. In addition, COLI shall recommend and implement liaison with law-related groups.

COLI members attend one face-to-face meeting in the spring in conjunction with the Consolidated Board and Committee meetings (March 29-31, 2019) and are expected to participate in virtual meetings/ conference calls throughout the year. At times COLI’s workload may be heavy, with considerable reading material and significant email correspondence.

How to Apply

Individuals who self-nominate should provide the following materials:

1. Brief statement of no more than 300 words detailing qualifications

2. Current curriculum vitae

If you are nominating another individual, please send the full name, email address and phone number for that individual.

Nominees material will be reviewed by COLI and COLI will send their recommendations to the Board of Directors. The new COLI members will be appointed by the Board of Directors from the slate developed by COLI.

Nominations and supporting materials should be sent to APA Office of General Counsel at, no later than September 28, 2018.