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SSSP is seeking nominations for new members. According to the by-laws, the SSSP Executive Board “elects” individuals to membership and no more than 150 individuals may hold membership at any one time.  We anticipate adding 3-4 new SSSP members each year for the next few years.

The criteria for SSSP membership includes two primary categories: scientific contributions to the field AND potential to contribute to SSSP.

We invite you to submit nominations for new SSSP members.  Please nominate potential new members by sending a brief statement addressing how the nominee meets the criteria for SSSP membership.  Please do NOT inform the nominee about his or her nomination.  However, to support the nomination, please attempt to submit evidence of the nominee’s contributions, for example, by submitting the nominee’s vita obtained from a website or a list of articles obtained by PsychInfo (or via another database).


Please note that new members may include school psychologists OR others in related fields. New members may be employed in various types of institutions or organizations. New members may live in various regions and should be representative in terms of gender and ethnic background.

The criteria for SSSP membership includes two primary categories: scientific contributions to the field and potential to contribute to SSSP.

Scientific contributions to the field: Potential members must demonstrate their involvement and commitment to the field and their ongoing interest in scientific contributions, as demonstrated by the following:

  1. Editor or member of the editorial board of major journals in psychology or education that emphasizes research about children, families, schools, and education.
  2. Author of important books, chapters, or articles on the profession.  The books/articles can utilize qualitative or quantitative methodologies, conceptual analysis, or be policy-oriented research.
  3. Conducting a sustained program of research that has had or has the potential to have a significant impact on the training, practice, and/or science in an area of vital importance to the profession and the nation, which could include any of the following:
  4.         Research focusing on professional techniques, service outcomes, and other practice activities.
  5. Research on education and training in school psychology.

        iii.     Research that leads to understanding or amelioration of an important practical problem in school psychology.

  1. The use of interdisciplinary research approaches to address a major school psychology problem.
  2. Serving as scientific innovator, e.g., develop a proposed theory that is the basis of fruitful research.

Potential to contribute to SSSP: Potential members must demonstrate that they will contribute to current SSSP projects and activities or develop new SSSP projects and activities in at least one of the following three areas:

  1. Advancement of basic and applied scientific research in all aspects of school psychology.
  2. Dissemination of important research results to the general public, scientist, acculturations, and practitioners concerning school psychology.
  3. Fostering of communication about the profession of school psychology.

The Membership Committee will review nominations in February 2019.  The committee and SSSP Board of Directors then will select a pool of candidates who will be invited to submit applications for membership, and the committee will then review applications.  The SSSP Executive Board will vote on the new members in April 2019.

We encourage you to submit a nomination for a new member of SSSP.  Please submit your nomination letter and evidence of the nominee’s contributions (typically a Vita) via email to Gary L. Canivez ( membership chair by February 1, 2019.  Thank you for considering this important task.