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Division 15 (Educational Psychology) of the American Psychological Association is proud to announce an inaugural policy brief focusing on science-based solutions to weapons and safety in schools.
Co-authored by Ron Avi Astor and Rami Benbenishty, this brief offers an important set of evidence-supported policy considerations for decision makers who want to strategize ways to keep students safe using a public health and psychology framework. There is a longer podcast interview with Ron Avi Astor and Jeff Greene, and also a full link to a chapter supporting the policy recommendations with scientific evidence, at the full policy brief’s website:

Please share widely with your constituents. It’s important that our national policy be based on sound evidence.

If you have any questions about the contents of this brief, please contact Ron Astor ( Any questions or ideas for future Division 15 policy briefs should be directed to Sharon Nichols, Co-Chair of Division 15’s Policy and Practice Committee (