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For interested programs here’s a quick synopsis of the Masters Accreditation Task Force’s work. Council meets later this week and will vote on these recommendations: a) all programs (embedded or stand alone) could pursue this opportunity, b) accredited programs will meet a set of competencies, there is not a set number of degree credits or degree names required, c) this will not replace NASP or the requirements for State Board of Education credentialing as a school psychologist, d) there is a strong commitment to work with NASP (NASP has been involved in this discussion with APA) and an interest in developing reciprocal accreditation processes, and e) we expect that this would lead to a different credential for community practice.

As for process, this committee’s work is done. The next step, if all goes well at council, is to develop the curriculum and standards. Finally, there will be a group that addresses credentialing. We anticipate that school psychology will be represented at all stages of the process.

By way of review, here are the school psychologists who have already been involved:  Frank Worrell served as the APA Board Member who was the liaison to this TF, Celeste Malone was APA’s Board of Educational Affairs liaison to the TF – she continues to sit on BEA and will be very active. Tammy Hughes was the school psychology representative to the TF.

School psychology members on BEA in addition to Celeste include: Beth Doll and Sam Song.

School psychologists who were involved in discussions of masters issues from the Master’s Summit include: Cindy Carlson, Stephen DeMers (I claim Steve even though he represented ASPPB 🙂 Cathy Fiorello, Carlen Henington, Tammy Hughes, and Frank Worrell.

We will send an update after the Council meeting!
Bonnie Nastasi, Linda Reddy and Tammy Hughes, Division 16 Representatives to Council