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Created in 2014, Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Workgroup of APA Division 16 seeks to address the needs of ECPs within Division 16. The ECP Workgroup is currently accepting applications for the positions of Research and Publications Officer and Secretary. More detailed information about the ECP Workgroup may be found here.


Eligible candidates for these positions must: (a) be current members of Division 16 and (b) be ECPs, defined by APA as being within 10 years of receipt of a doctoral degree. The selected individuals will begin to serve in January 2020 for a two-year commitment. The responsibilities of each position are described below.

Research and Publications Officer:

Specific duties include writing and recruiting submissions for ECP publication outlets (e.g., The School Psychologist [TSP], ECP blog) and conference proposals and spearheading (in collaboration with other members) data collection, interpretation and other related duties (e.g., dissemination) to determine the current (a) status of ECP members, (b) research/professional development interests of ECP members, and/or (c) outcomes of ECP members. Additional responsibilities include serving as liaison to D16 VP of Publications and Communications and the Editor of TSP, and engaging in research collaboration with other ECP groups.


Specific duties include scheduling ECP meetings, including sending out agenda and reminder call for monthly meetings, coordinating meeting logistics (e.g., setting up Zoom or another meeting platform), taking notes at ECP meeting, maintaining a record of meeting minutes in the committee’s shared files, notifying and welcoming newly elected members (e.g., onboarding members with links to Dropbox and Google, and listservs they should join as ECP Leaders), and coordinating meetings (in person at conferences and/or via the phone) with other workgroups to initiate and maintain collaborative endeavors.

How to Apply:

ECPs interested in either position should email an abbreviated CV (3-5 pages) and Letter of Intent that details interests and qualifications as well as the requirements for the position by October 31, 2019 to Nicholas Gelbar at

Applications will be reviewed based on materials submitted and fit with workgroup priorities. Questions regarding the ECP Workgroup may also be directed to Dr. Gelbar.