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Dr. Tyler Renshaw’s tenure as editor of Assessment for Effective Intervention (AEI) will end in September of 2020. In preparation for the transition to the next AEI editor(s), the Hammill Institute on Disabilities is now opening a call for nominations for editorship of the journal. The editor(s), who serves a 3-year term (plus approximately six additional months for revisions at the end of the term), is responsible for appointing an editorial review board, choosing associate editors, selecting manuscript reviewers, and accepting articles for publication. The incoming editor will be appointed by the Institute and will assume journal operations in October 2020.

Nominations Must Be Received by June 15, 2020.

The official journal of the Council for Educational Diagnostic Services, AEI publishes manuscripts relevant for practicing educational diagnosticians, special educators, school psychologists, academic trainers, and others interested in psychoeducational assessment. The primary purpose of the journal is to publish empirically sound manuscripts that have implications for practitioners.

Readers are asked to send in the name and contact information of persons they would like to nominate as editor or coeditor, and qualified individuals are encouraged to submit their own name and contact details. Nominees must be scholars with an outstanding record relevant to a wide knowledge of issues pertaining to the relationship between assessment and instruction, innovative assessment strategies, diagnostic procedures, relationships between existing instruments, and review of assessment techniques, strategies, and instrumentation; be active contributors to the professional literature; have some experience as an editor or reviewer for professional publications; have the ability to work cooperatively with the AEI editorial board, authors, and the publisher; and recognize the value of the range of professional disciplines and philosophies that contribute to appropriate assessment, identification, and intervention for individuals with disabilities.

Nominees need not identify potential coeditors at this time. All nominations should be submitted before June 15 to the Hammill Institute on Disabilities via email:

Peggy Kipping
Publications Director
Hammill Institute on Disabilities