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APF Graduate Student Scholarships/ ‘COGDOP’: $5,000
Due: June 30, 2020
$2,000 to $5,000 general scholarships for graduate students in psychology. Applicants must be attending an institution that is a member of COGDOP.
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Sharon Stephens Brehm Undergraduate Psychology Scholarships: $5,000
Due July 1, 2020
APF’s only undergraduate program. The Brehm Undergraduate Scholarship Program will provide assistance to students majoring in psychology with demonstrated financial need. International students and students who are undocumented are welcome to apply.
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Kenneth B. and Mamie P. Clark Fund (for Graduate Students): $9,000
Due: June 15, 2020
$9,000 to support a graduate student’s research and demonstration activities that promote the understanding of the relationship between self-identity and academic achievement with an emphasis on children in grade levels K-8.
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Marian R. Stuart Grant: $20,000
Due: July 1, 2020
Up to $20,000 to further the research, practice, or education of an early career psychologist on the connection between mental and physical health, particularly for work that contributes to public health.
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