Div. 12/ Theodore Blau Early Career Award for Outstanding Contribution to Professional Clinical Psychology: $2,000
Due November 19, 2020
$2,000 to honor a clinical psychologist for professional accomplishments in clinical psychology.
More information: https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/blau

Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award: $4,000
Due December 1, 2020
$4,000 to recognize a significant career of contributions of a psychologist who is an exceptional teacher of psychology.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/brewer

APF/ Division 29 Early Career Award: $1,250
Due January 31, 2021
$1,250 to recognize promising contributions to psychotherapy, psychology, and Div. 29 (Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy) by a division member with 10 or fewer years of postdoctoral experience.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/div-29

APF/ Division 37 Diane J. Willis Early Career Award: $2,000
Due January 31, 2021
$2,000 to support talented young psychologists making contributions towards informing, advocating for and improving the mental health and well-being of children and families particularly through policy.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/div-37-willis

Beth Rom-Rymer Scholarships: $5,000
Due February 1, 2021
The Beth N. Rom-Rymer Scholarships provide support to both graduate students and practicing, licensed psychologists to complete their training in psychopharmacology programs, which adhere to the APA model curriculum of didactic training in clinical psychopharmacology. Preference will be given to those applicants who are committed to working with the underserved.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/rom-rymer

Alice F. Chang Cancer Wellness Grant: $9,000
Due February 1, 2021
Up to $9,000 to support research and research-based projects to improve the lives of cancer patients and/or cancer survivors through psychology.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/chang

APF Trauma Psychology Grant: $3,000
Due February 15, 2021
One grant of up to $3,000 to support innovative work to alleviate trauma.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/trauma-psychology-grant

APF Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford Grant: $1,250
Due February 15, 2021
Up to $1,250 to support innovative work to support research focusing on the understanding, prevention and/or treatment of the consequences of exposure to traumatic events such as sexual assault, sexual harassment and/or rape.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/blasey-ford

Henry P. David Grants for Research in Human Reproductive Behavior & Population Studies: $1,000
Due February 15, 2021
$1,000 for work in the behavioral aspects of human reproductive behavior or an area related to population concerns.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/david-research

Henry P. David Grants for International Travel in Human Reproductive Behavior and Population Studies: $1,000
Due February 15, 2021
$1,000 to cover expenses associated with, travel to, during, and from the Psychosocial Workshop.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/david-travel

Frances M. Culbertson Travel Grant: $1,500
Due February 15, 2021
$1,500 to support women from developing countries who are in the early stages of their careers by providing travel funds to attend conferences in psychology.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/culbertson

Walter Katkovsky Research Grants: $20,000
Due March 1, 2021
The Walter Katkovsky Research Grants support research on the general topic of psychotherapy. Research proposals should be directed to questions and hypotheses designed to improve our understanding based on theory or methods of how psychotherapy promotes behavioral, emotional, or cognitive changes.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/katkovsky-research-grants

Walter Katkovsky Scholarships: $5,000
Due March 1, 2021
Up to nine $5,000 scholarships are offered annually for first-year students enrolled in APA designated programs in psychopharmacology.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/katkovsky

Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grants: $50,000
Due March 1, 2021
Up to $50,000 for work related to the psychological understanding of gifted children and youth.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/rosen

Esther Katz Rosen Precollege Psychology Grant Program: $15,000
Due March 1, 2021
Up to $15,000 to improve the quality of education in psychological science and its application in secondary schools for high ability students.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/rosen-precollege

Wayne F. Placek Grants: $9,000
Due March 1, 2021
$9,000 to support empirical research from all fields of the behavioral and social sciences on any topic related to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender issues.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/placek

John and Polly Sparks Early Career Grant for Psychologists Investigating Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)
Due March 15, 2021
Up to $20,000 for research in the area of early intervention and treatment for serious emotional disturbance in children.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/sparks-early-career

Visionary Grants: $20,000
Due April 1, 2021
The APF Visionary Grants seek to seed innovation through supporting research, education and intervention projects and programs that use psychology to solve social problems in the following priority areas:
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/visionary

Div. 17 Counseling Psychology Grants: $6,000
Due April 1, 2021
These grants support not-for-profit activities to enhance the science and practice of counseling psychology. In particular, it aims to support research on the implementation of innovative counseling programs and models.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/counseling?tab=1

Ungerleider/Zimbardo Travel Scholarships
Due April 1, 2021
$300 travel awards for seven graduate students to present their papers at the APA Annual Convention.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/ungerleider-zimbardo

Paul E. Henkin School Psychology Travel Grant: $1,250
Due April 15, 2021
$1,250 to defer the costs of registration, lodging and travel for student members of APA Div. 16 to attend the APA Annual Convention.
More information:https://www.apa.org/apf/funding/henkin