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The APA is required to undergo periodic review to maintain recognition as an accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education (ED or Department) and the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The APA’s scope of recognition includes the accreditation of doctoral programs in health service psychology (i.e., clinical, counseling, and school psychology, combinations of two or more of these practice areas and other developed practice areas in health service psychology), doctoral internship programs in health service psychology, and postdoctoral residency programs in health service psychology. As such, accreditation standards and procedures must align with the recognition criteria of both the ED and the CHEA. Two recent events have led to changes in APA accreditation documents. These events are comprised of: 1) a review of the APA for renewal of recognition and 2) regulatory changes made by the ED for all recognized accrediting agencies.

In accordance with the APA “Policies for Accreditation Governance” and the US Department of Education regulations for notice and comment, the CoA is providing additional information and making the changes available for a period of public notice at

Please contact the office with questions at or by calling (202) 336-5979.