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Are you a graduate student committed to social justice? Want to provide input regarding your social justice training and experiences in your program? We are seeking input from graduate students to improve training and practice in our field!

Researchers across universities are conducting a National School Psychology Social Justice Training Survey for graduate students currently enrolled in School Psychology programs. The purpose of this study is to survey several critical aspects pertaining to social justice training and experiences in graduate programs. Literature describes the need for social justice training and experiences in graduate programs; however, the graduate-students’ perspective on their training is lacking in this research. In other words, it is well known in our field that there is a dire need for more social justice training; however, the question stands as to whether graduate programs are providing the training and experiences in social justice that graduate students seek. The goal of this study is to begin filling this gap in the literature.

To participate in the current study, participants must be a graduate student enrolled in a School Psychology graduate program in the United States.

Exclusion Criteria: Students who have left or graduated from their program (not currently enrolled).

Time commitment: 15-30 minutes
Compensation: No compensation will be given for completing the survey

If you are eligible and willing to complete the survey, please follow the link or scan the QR code provided below:

We thank you in advance for your time and help!

Please contact Dr. Dave Shriberg ( if you have any questions or concerns.