The Division 16 Convention Committee is pleased to announce our student award winners for the 2015 APA Convention based on reviews of their proposals. We encourage attendees of the 2015 APA Convention to support students by attending the scheduled sessions and extending a congratulations.

The following students were listed as first authors and members of APA/APAGs received an award for having the highest rated Paper proposals, made possible by Pearson.

Paper Session: Mental Health and Wellness: Friday, August 7, 2015 from 11:00am to 11:50am in Convention Centre/Constitution Hall 105 North Building-Level 100

Examining Resiliency in Pediatric Chronic Illnesses: Examples from Youth with Type I Diabetes Sara Frye, Michelle Perfect, Nicholas Tanner

Paper Session: Teacher Consultation and Supports: Sunday, August 9, 2015 from 11:00am to 11:50am in Convention Centre/Constitution Hall 105 North Building-Level 100 

Teleconsultation in the Schools: Understanding Important Guidelines for Applied Practice Brittany Bice-Urbach, Thomas R. Kratochwill

Does Support Matter in Teachers’ Intervention in School Bullying? Keng-hie Song, Seung-yeon Lee, Sinwon Park, Jeong-heun Kim 


The following posters are being featured as part of Division 16’s poster session Ribbon Walk. Eligibility included the highest rated posters with student APA/APAGS members listed as first authors.

Poster Session: Academic Assessment and Intervention: Thursday, August 6, 2015 from 10:00am to 10:50am in the Convention Centre/Exhibit Halls D and E South Building-Level 800

Motivational Profiles of Students by Special Education Status Kristen S. Fletcher, Bridget V Dever [Location: F-4]

Curse of the Cutoff Score: Effects of Differential Criteria for Gifted Identification Meghan Ecker-Lyster, Christopher Niileksela [Location: F-5]

Indirect Effects of Behavior Problems on Emergent Literacy Outcomes Stephanie Jerome, Katie C. Hart, Gregory A. Fabiano [Location: F-10]

The Design and Initial Psychometric Properties of the Academic Procrastination Rationalization Scale Jianan Wang, Rayne Sperling [Location: G-8]

Using ROC Curve Analysis to Assess Oral Reading Fluency as a Predictor of Woodcock-Johnson III Broad Jonah L Ruddy, Dennis Ciancio, Christopher H. Skinner [Location: G-9]

Examining Executive Functioning and Problem Behaviors Among High-Risk Preschoolers Andrew S White, Susan M Sheridan, Amanda L Moen, Courtney E Boise [Location: G-11]

Utility of the Woodcock-Johnson IV with Young Children: Review, Critique, and Case Study

Angelina S Lee, Laurie Ford, Gabriela Grabic [Location: H-6]

Poster Session: Social-Emotional-Behavioral Assessment and Intervention: Friday, August 7, 2015 from 10:00am to 10:50am in the Convention Centre/Exhibit Halls D and E South Building-Level 800

Examining the Behavioral Differences among Children Referred for a School-Based Autism Evaluation Andrew Tesoro, Yoko Kodaira, Katie Sears, Kimberly Komon [Location: D-9]

CBT for Anxiety in Children with Autism: Review of Literature and Practice Recommendations

Rochelle Schatz, Tom Huberty [Location: D-10]

Scaffolding Children’s Verbal Interactions during a Group Intervention: Elicitors and Impacts Blakely Mulder, Samantha S Buell, Hedwig Teglasi       [Location: D-11]

Evaluating Sensitivity to Behavioral Change in Middle School Using Direct Behavior Ratings

Kellina Pyle, Greg Fabiano, Mary Bridget Kelty, Faith Miller, Sandra Chafouleas, Chris Riley-Tillman [Location: D-12]

Promoting Emotion Regulation among At-Risk Youth: An Innovative Model for School-Based Intervention Marie-Michelle Bolanger, Laura V. Peroza, Anna Janowski, Steven Shaw [Location: D-13]

Self-Efficacy and Its Contribution to Prosocial Behavior: An Evaluation of Kelso’s Choice

Shaun Davis, Emily Goldberg, Mary Peterson, Elizabeth Hamilton [Location: D-14]

Is Knowledge Enough? The Link Between Social Emotional Learning and Emotional and Behavioral Risk Kathryn A Simon, Stacy Overstreet [Location: E-6]

Utilizing a Peer-Implemented Intervention to Increase Engagement During Group Time Emily Flowers, Tai Collins [Location: E-9]

Embracing the Skin Your In: Self-Esteem Workshop For African American Girls Candice Ashton, Amirah Beeks, Kayla Nichols [Location: G-3]

Multifaceted Evaluation of the Behavior Education Program with Elementary Students Caitlin Virga, Sarah A. Fefer, Jessica Porter, Kayla Brown [Location: G-4]

Poster Session: Workforce Issues—Training, Consultation, and Wellness: Saturday, August 8, 2015 from 10:00am to 10:50am in the Convention Centre/Exhibit Halls D and E South Building-Level 800

NU Data: Interventions Teachers Choose and their Effectiveness Julia Roehling, Erika Franta, Beth Doll [Location: L-4]

Family-School Partnerships and Student Outcomes: The Effects of Teacher Training Tyler E. Smith, Elizabeth Timberlake, Susan M. Sheridan, Elizabeth M. Kim, Amanda Moen [Location: M-1]

Country to Country: Practice with Refugee Students in Rural Schools Alice M. Wille, Bradley H. Reimers, Robyn S. Hess [Location: N-1]

Poster Session: Mental Health and Social-Emotional-Behavioral Outcomes: Sunday, August 9, 2015 from 10:00am to 10:50am in the Convention Centre/Exhibit Halls D and E South Building-Level 800

Peer Victimization in Youth from Immigrant and Nonimmigrant U.S. Families Jessica A. Simmons, Michael L. Sukowski, Sheri Bauman, Savannah Wright, Charisse Nixon, Stan Davis [Location: D-3]

The Effects of School Climate and Self-reported Risk on Externalizing Behaviors Emily K. Gallagher, Bridget V. Dever [Location: D-9]

Grade Configuration Is Associated with School Climate for 7th and 8th Grade Students Marisa Malone, Dewey Cornell [Location: D-10]

“Rushed” into Hazing: The Implications of Mental Health Symptoms and Gender on Hazing Perceptions Jenna M. Strawhun, Susan M. Swearer, Shir Palmon [Location: D-11]

Measuring Emotional Intelligence in Children and Adolescents: Possible? Useful? Emilee C. Valler, Steven I. Pfeiffer, Jordan A. Burko, Jordy Yarnell, Alexa Branagan, Eileen Lerner, Lindsay Stawowy [Location: E-12]

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Being Satisfied With Life Jordan A. Burko, Jordy B. Yarnell, Alexa Branagan, Emilee C. Valler, Eileen Lerner, Lindsay Stawowy, Steven I Pfeiffer [Location: E-14]

Bully Others? Don’t Mind if I Do: The Relationship between Theory of Mind and Bullying Heather Schwartz, Susan M. Swearer, Allen Garcia, Scott Fluke [Location: F-1]

Psychological Bullying Leads to More Stress than Direct, Sexual, or Discriminatory Bullying Victoria L. Maruca, Nicholas Lim [Location: F-10]