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Nominations due by January 20, 2019, midnight EST (extended from January 6)

At its August 2018 meeting, the APA Council of Representatives approved the formation of a Task Force on Differences of Sex Development (DSD) to complete the following tasks:

  • Review the extant research psychological literature and APA policies in this area to identify (a) gaps in knowledge, (b) ongoing controversies, and (c) ethical issues for psychologists;
  • Recommend actions for education, training, practice, policy, and further research into these topics;
  • Propose how APA can best meet the needs of psychologists and students with DSD characteristics;
  • Recommend appropriate collaboration with other professional organizations concerning these issues; and
  • Identify what other effective and appropriate products APA could or should develop to address this topic area.

The Task Force will be comprised of 6-8 members representing expertise in clinical care, research and ethical issues pertaining to DSD populations, also commonly known as intersex populations, across the lifespan, and to include at least two representatives from intersex communities, including parents.  Membership in APA is not a requirement to serve on the Task Force.

Other criteria that may be considered in the selection of task force members include:

  • General range of professional perspectives and sub-disciplinary training among Task Force members (e.g., science and practice in counseling psychology, clinical and clinical child psychology, pediatric psychology, family psychology, school psychology, health psychology, and community psychology); and
  • Clinical or research experience in DSD; and
  • Personal experience with DSD, including individuals from the DSD community, including parents; and
  • Experience with APA governance, APA practice guideline development, or the development of APA policy statements.

Nominees should have strong writing skills and the ability to collaborate successfully with others.  The Task Force will solicit input, as needed, from other representatives of DSD/intersex communities as it pursues its work.

The work of the Task Force will be carried out mostly through video conferencing and email and may include one face-to-face meeting early in the process at the APA offices in Washington, DC.  The work will likely take about two years.

The deadline for nomination materials is January 20, midnight EST (extended from January 6).  Nominees should include a letter affirming their willingness to serve for the duration of the Task Force.  In addition to a current CV/resume, nominees should provide a statement of no more than two pages describing their qualifications in relation to the charge of the Task Force and the selection criteria noted above.  This statement should include explanation of their expertise/experience in DSD populations in terms of clinical care, research, and ethical issues. In addition, applicants should state unique areas of expertise that they can contribute to the Taskforce.

The Selection Committee includes representation from APA Divisions 16, 37, 43, 44 and 54.  The Selection Committee will make its recommendations for the members of the Task Force to the APA President for appointment.

For further information contact the APA Office on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity at the email address below.

Please submit nominations to the APA Office on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity:


Fax: 202-336-6040

Paper copy: 750 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 20002-4242